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PLJ Healing ARTS


Terms of Contract

Member (you), also known as Lead Member, and Company (PLJ Healing Arts), agree to the following terms of contract. This contact is good for 30 days, the length of the campaign. The Company does not guarantee specific results or outcome to the Members campaign. By completing payment of this invoice, member agrees to the terms of this contract.

$9.95 is a onetime payment for this 30 day contract and is to pay handling fees for executing member campaign and to compensate those on the members list.

The members’ campaign will start on the 1st of the month after the invoice is verified as “paid”, by company staff.

Member can run the campaign ads on as many classified ad sites as member wants during the 30 day contract, repeating the ads as many times as member wants or pursuant to the policies require by each classified ad site.

Compensation will occur once a month between the 1st and 15th of the month. Compensation will be paid based on the previous month receipt activities. Member understands the company does not guarantee specific results and results will vary. Compensation is only paid on active members which makes them a participating member of the lead members’ network (you). If any participating member of the lead member (you) network cancels or is cancelled for any reason, the lead member will not receive compensation for the cancelled member. If at such time the participating member regains membership in good standing, the lead member (you) will began receiving compensation for that member for as long as the participating member remains a member in good standing.

A member in good standing is one which has membership fees paid each month with no laps in membership. If for any reason a members monthly membership fee is not received, that member is no longer a member in good standing.

Lead members’ who laps in membership or cancel membership for any reason will cease to receive all compensation. Only members in good standing can receive compensation. If a member regains membership and becomes a member in good standing, they must do so for 30 days before the member will receive compensation again. Any member that has a cancelled account for more than 3 months forfeits all rights to regain membership to their original network and must start over building a new network.

Member understands the company makes no claim to heal or cure health issues. The company website is for educational and informational purposes only and before doing, changing, or using any alternative and holistic methods member is encouraged to consult their physician.

Payment of this invoice constitutes agreement to this contract and all PLJ Healing Arts policies, Terms and Conditions. These Policies and Terms and Conditions can be viewed on the policies page at

Revised: 141115