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May Peace Love & Joy always be part of your everyday!

PLJ Healing ARTS

Wellness Consultation and Guidance Service

My unique consultation service was developed to assist you with your own holistic path to wellness, better living, and quality of life. The initial consultation is a simple question and answer session to help me understand what issues you want to address. Based on the answers from the session, I will develop a suggested guideline to help you get on the path you want to be on with your wellness. All personal consultations are free and kept completely confidential. Each person is different and which requires a program which is tailored to the individual. The cookie cutter approach most common in western medicine does not work for most individuals. We always recommend the you talk with your personal physician before making any changes to your personal wellness. We also do not claim to diagnose, heal, or cure any ailments. We are of the firm belief that the body can heal itself, all we need to do is get out of the way and give it the right tools and environment to do what the body is naturally designed to do for us. Doctor's don't cure us or heal us. I can't cure or heal you. Only your body can do what it is naturally designed to do from the time of birth. My consultation simply provides you with the tools to make the changes to your environment, habits, beliefs, so that your body can begin to do the job it was intended.  

By being a good steward to your body, your physical body will carry your beautiful inner spirit throughout the physical earth plane with ease and grace.

Complete and submit the form below to get your free no obligation Wellness Consultation appointment today.


While each in itself can be powerful tools for healing and/or manifesting, I have developed a powerful method which incorporates all of these into one dynamic session. Based on individual needs the you are guided through meditation. While guided through the meditation I incorporate reflexology to activate points throughout the body to release blockages, to encourage energy movement and to trigger ones own self-healing encouragement. I additionally use the modality of Energy Healing during the meditation session. All the you have to do is relax and be open to receive. Healing can be for the physical body or for the emotional spiritual self.

Many have heard me say this before: “PLJ Healing Arts is founded on the premise to which not one thing, magic pill, or modality of healing will heal a person but rather it is a combination of things working in conjunction with one another which will help a person heal.” It does not matter if you want to heal an illness or manifest something to your life, the process works the same.

After your session is complete you may receive some guided advise to take with you to use as tools which will help you continue your journey of healing or manifesting.

You should not expect instantaneous changes but rather changes which take place over time. Most times a series of sessions are necessary to accomplish the outcomes we are looking for.

Sessions last about an hour. Fill out the form below to get pricing and to schedule your free no obligation appointment today.

"Holistic Health is a state of being in which a person is integrated in all of his levels of being: body, mind, and spirit.....The attainment of this state of integration...brings into existence an entirely new person, different from what existed before, and at a new plateau of existence. I submit that this new state of being of an individual is a state of self-realization or self-actualization or enlightenment."

~ Richard Svihus

"The Concept of Holistic Health"

The Journal of Holistic Health

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"Thriving is as natural as breathing itself. By relaxing often and breathing deeply, your natural thriving is enhanced."

- Abraham Hicks